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Stainless Steel, hard anodised, brake pins

These pins are made from an anodised stainless steel and feature an M8 hex head for easy removal.
Simple to install - straight replacement on Triumph/Nissin callipers.
The front callipers requires 1 pin each, the rear 2 pins. Sold as a set of 4 or individually.

The picture on the right shows the pin next to the front and rear pins from a 1999 Triumph Trophy.

To order these Brake pins @ 21 per set of 4 inc VAT and P&P, or one offs @ 5.50 each.

These pins fit all models of the Trophy, Speed III (to 1996), Daytona (to 1996) and early models of the Tiger and Sprint. They may fit other models and/or makes, please check before ordering.

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